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Probate Attorney in Dunkirk, Maryland

After a person passes away, their property is distributed according to their will, if any, or according to Maryland law.  The executor and courts complete the deceased person's wishes, and thus, things can flow a lot smoother than if there was no will. But that leaves an important question: what happens when there is no will?


Probate is the legal process that occurs after an individual dies. If the deceased individual has a will, then the will can either go through an executor or it can go to probate to distribute that property. If there is no will, probate is where it will go through, and it can be a lengthy process. The local Orphans Court oversees the distribution in a process known as probate.  Only property that is not jointly held, is not in trust, or does not name a beneficiary, will be probated.  It is important that the correct procedures are followed when probating an estate.  Probate assets can only be distributed once approved by the Orphans Court.

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Probate is generally something that's best avoided before one dies, and it can be avoided with proper planning with an estate planning attorney. Probate can be costly, timely, and one extra thing that grieving family members have to face during a hard time. But when it's unavoidable, probate can help family members get the assets, finances, and property that is fair for them, and they are given the opportunity to work with a court of law to legally disperse or receive what is rightfully theirs.

Probate Attorney in Dunkirk, Maryland

If you need legal guidance after your loved one has passed and want to know what the next best steps are for their assets, property, and finances, reach out to skilled attorneys. We serve families in the areas throughout Prince Frederick, Lothian, Upper Marlboro, and Owings, Maryland. You don't have to face the stress of probate alone, and with the support of our empathetic lawyers, you can focus on what's most important: your and your family's recovery.A woman comforting someone